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Scope of Services

March 9, 2020by admin


After-Sales Consultation
Registration of a Housing Estate
Registration of a Condominium, Juristic Condominium
Administration of a condominium housing estate
Discussions and general meeting
Utility Verification
1. After-Sales Consultation
  1. Administration planning.
  2. Budgeting for common expenses.
  3. Accounts and finance systems.
  4. Executive Committee meetings and General Meetings.
  5. Rules and regulations of a condominium, housing estate.
  6. Registration of a condominium, housing estate.
2. Registration of a Housing Estate
  1. Documents required for the registration.
  2. Budgeting and accounting.
  3. Rules and regulations.
  4. Discussions and general meeting.
  5. Application for registration.
3. Registration of a Condominium, Juristic Condominium
  1. Documents required for the registration.
  2. Rules and regulations.
  3. Common/personal properties.
  4. Ratio of ownership in common properties.
  5. Registration of a condominium.
  6. Registration of a juristic condominium.
4. Administration of a condominium housing estate
  1. Project developer, co-owners.
  2. Executive Committee in a condominium, housing estate.
  3. Juristic Manager.
  4. Service Apartment.
  5. Dormitory.
  6. Welfare Facilities.
5. Discussions and general meeting
  1. Notification for a meeting, agendas.
  2. Documents for the meeting.
  3. Meeting venue, registration of attendees.
  4. Conducting a meeting and minutes of the meeting.
  5. Registering resolutions of the meeting with the Land Department and other organizations concerned.
6. Utility Verification
  1. Verify the completeness and accuracy of utility plan in plots allocated by the employer preparing the documents.
  2. Survey the green area according to the allocation form.
  3. Survey the Juristic Person office location according to the Land Allocation Act 2000.
  4. Verify electrical lighting system, vertical pole, brightness, and equipment defects.
  5. Verify plumbing system.
  6. Verify the communication system in the project.
  7. Verify the security system is complete, correct, as per the form for permission or not.
  8. Verify the drain level drainage and damage of drain pipes.
  9. Verify street level and road surface conditions.
  10. Verify the wastewater treatment system installed according to the plan or not, efficiency in wastewater treatment condition of wastewater treatment equipment.

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